Monthly Meeting – Wednesday, 18th January 2017
Sandiacre and District Probus Club held their monthly meeting in St. Giles’ Church Hall on Wednesday, 18th January 2017. President John Joyce welcomed members and speaker Mrs. Lynn Blakeley and after the official business of the day inducted Fred Bromley as a member of the club. Subsequently Fred outlined his activities of the past 40 years he has lived in the area, i.e. Sandiacre Cubs and Scouts Committee for a few years, Chairman of the Local Neighbourhood Watch, Friesland Parent Governor, sports activity in playing Crown Green Bowls and some years ago active Mountaineering/Climbing in the Peak District/Alps. His professional role was as a Chartered Engineer in the Aerospace, Research and Teaching, Nuclear Power and Defence Fields and is a members of the I.E.T. Institute.
President John then introduced the speaker Mrs. Lynn Blakeley to give a talk entitled ‘A night out with Nottingham Street Pastors’. Lynn explained her activities as a Street Pastor in the last 3 years as a volunteer working 3 days a week. It is Malt Cross based (St. James Street) in Nottingham, set up in 2010 and is part of the National Charitable Organisation. The 70 volunteers in Nottingham patrol from 2200 – 0300 hours every Friday/Saturday (except January) and deter crime with their uniform presence and care for people late at night and have a good relationship with the police. They patrol in groups of 2/3, are trained in first aid and carry radios to get information from CCTV cameras. Lynn gavc some examples of her various activities, giving out 750 Flip Flop shoes per annum for bare footed people, collected 4,000 glass bottles in 2016, gave out 1,200 bottles of water in 2016 and gave out lollipops in efforts to reduce drunkenness and tension. Toilet bags/sick bags/foil blankets were carried and winter shelter and advice was provided for the homeless.
Thanks were given by member Derek French to Lynn for an excellent insight into the volunteer Street Pastors and presented her with a donation to the charity from the club. The raffle was won by Arthur Gregory, Robert Flint, Fred Bromley and Arthur Belfitt before finally President John gave thanks to the stewards of the day, Ray Morley/Phil Brown on coffee, John Crosslett/Arthur Belfitt on the raffle and Denis Dumelow for setting out the room.